Carol with Jack Simpson

A musician friend told me of an experience he had on a recent job, when another musician “sat in” during his performance. “The whole place seemed to light up” he said,”it was electric!” I knew who he was talking about. It was a “Carol Stein” moment, and I’d seen it happen.

Carol sings, plays piano and synthesizer, composes and arranges, and has an excellent academic background. She has traveled, as a pianist to major music centers all over the world. Impressive, right? Right, but that’s not all. “I live life, and play with a passion” she says. You can see and hear it at every performance. How do you measure passion? Listen to this CD. It’s a good way to start.

Carol as a solo act can produce some wonderful musical moments, but when accompanied in a sextet or septet situation, it becomes a jazz experience. Listen to her sing Billie Holiday’s “Don’t Explain” with Charlie Bertini’s backing trumpet. That’s passion! The soloists working with Carol don’t just get an eight bar fill either. Hey, she’s the “Jazz Lady”. How about Eddie Marshall’s clarinet on “I’m Old Fashioned” with Greg Little’s trumpet? Carol sounds playful on this one, as she does on “Nevertheless”. The rhythm section guys in two groups, are notable. Chuck Archard, bass and Barry Smith, drums. The other has Charlie Silva, bass, and Ed Metz, Jr. drums. There are 11 standard tunes with two Carol originals.

Carol’s keyboard work is not just enjoyable, it’s also interesting. Her audiences love the way she injects little bits of classically derived pieces into a familiar tune. An “18th Century Drawing Room” type phrase shows up in “Alice in Wonderland”. When she sings, does she really mean it? Listen to “But Beautiful”, and get a very positive answer.

In closing, I regret this is not a live performance, it’s a CD, and you’re either at home or perhaps in your car. Whatever, or wherever, it’s wonderfully entertaining music!

Jack Simpson”
“Jazz on the Beach”
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Carol was the resident musician at the this Comedy Warehouse for 11 years. It was an Improv Theatre located on Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World. Here the cast created and improvised scenes on the spot — musicals — and song styles from reggae to heavy metal to opera to country-western ballads. It was never the same show twice! Pleasure Island closed in September of 2008. You may now find Carol at The Rose and Crown Pub in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Downtown Disney
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Carol has performed for the Walt Disney Company since 1990. She has been the pianist for various shows and conventions throughout the years such as: The Kids of the Kingdom, The Hoop Dee Doo Revue, The Diamond Horseshoe Show, The Top of the World, Miss Minnie’s Country Christmas, The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra, The Grand Floridan lobby solo pianist, The Studio Seven Band, The Brown Derby, The Comedy Warehouse and many others. She has been the pianist and vocalist for numerous conventions and private performances.

Her talent is highly respected at all areas across the Disney Resorts. On many occasions when the chips are down, I have turned to this accomplished musician and she has come through off stage as well as on. She has a wonderful show personality and is an incredible pianist. A true Disney performer!

Walt Disney World
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Carol performed as the resident artist in the Bayerischer Hof Piano Bar adjacent to The Night Club as well as in the Atrium Cafe.

The Bayerischer Hof in Munich is one of the few large and famous international hotels which has been run by its owners for more than 100 years. The 395 rooms and suites in this Grand-Hotel provide the guest with a home away from home. The Atrium is the heart of the hotel. Here is the international jet-set meeting place for a snack, afternoon tea or cocktails while enjoying elegant piano music every afternoon. The Night Club is the “Rendezvouz” of the Soul and Jazz fans. Fresh beer, cool drinks and exotic snacks are served to the music of famed international live bands Munich triumphs with cultural highlights, the region with unique landscapes. Either traditional beer-gardens or Mediterranean Street cafés, Munich enchants with natural charm and smiles friendly at its guests.

Due to her extensive repertoire and excellent musical abilities she was able to present exciting and enthusiastic musical evenings to our guests!

Bayerischer Hof, Germany
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Carol was the resident artist at the Oasis Piano Bar in the New World Harbour View. She entertained people from all over the world in this elegant venue overlooking one of the world’s most charismatic cities. The hotel is now called the Renaissance Harbour View. This hotel is superbly situated on top of the famed Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, directly on the waterfront. The Renaissance Harbour View offers peaceful, luxurious surroundings with magnificent harbour views, amidst the bustle of Hong Kong in a lush, 3 acre, tropical resort, with one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in Hong Kong.

New World Harbor, Hong Kong
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